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Taurus August 2019 Career Predictions Love

Taurus a characteristic inherent in the natives of Taurus is to try to arrive at a solid and stable social position. Because they know that only in this way can they afford to live a comfortable life full of luxuries. Thanks to your proverbial perseverance in you will be able to achieve your goals and enjoy well-deserved well-being. When this happens, it will be a moment of real satisfaction.


Venus your protector planet will orbit for most of the month of August in your zodiacal area reserved for affective relationships. This will help you gain confidence in yourself. At the same time the family reality will be full of happy and unforgettable moments. In the intimacy there will be a good understanding with the partner. Many of you will want to spend more time with your loved one. The sweetness and joy of married life will make you forget your sorrows.

In case you are still without a partner it is very likely that before the end of , your social status will undergo an unexpected change. Therefore the astrologer invites you not to miss the opportunities that the stars offer you with such generosity. Take care that the anxiety of these days does not interfere with your behavior in front of the person who caught your attention.


With regards to your work, will be a very positive month, although misunderstandings may occur with your employer. Everything will be resolved quickly and the active energies of the zodiac will tend to favor you. Communication with work colleagues. You will also have more clarity in making decisions, but you will have to think very carefully before coming to conclusions. Take a good look at the options presented to you and then move forward with determination but without haste.

Taurus lucky days
Saturday 3
Sunday 11
Wednesday 28

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