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Sagittarius August 2019 Career Predictions Love

Sagittarius under the beneficial rays of Jupiter you can realize your most unconscious desires. You are always determined to live in freedom and to share your rich experiences with the people around you. You do not know fear nor do you ever have doubts. It is clear therefore that you feel comfortable only if you are living an adventure. This is because your spirit is nourished by the strong emotions you experience with great courage. In August there will be many trips for you.


You are always happy and very affectionate, even if sometimes you try to impose your extravagances. During this month your emotional relationship will give you great satisfaction. The in Leo early in the month encourages you to begin a time when love will manifest itself with a high dose of charm. which will increase by trapping the heart of the person living next to you, and for a long time there will be no place for routine in your love relationship.

For free-spirited Sagittarians there will be good opportunities during the month of to materialize a temporary relationship or a love story projected over time, everything will depend on your will. But you need to decide clearly and listen to your heart very carefully. The hesitation is a factor that must not have place in your choices. Do what you have to do with courage and passion.


Stay within the limits of your expectations with respect to what you are capable of doing in your work or professional activities. because you might not achieve the results that many expect from you. For the Sagittarians who work in a relationship of dependence, this is not the right time to expect changes. Self-employed workers and professionals will be able to count on strong global support to plan the goals that lead to growth. The horoscope recommends appealing to your intuition when you accept an agreement or sign a commitment. because too much enthusiasm could make you make a mistake.

Sagittarius lucky days
Sunday 4
Sunday 18
Saturday 24

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