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Pisces August 2019 Career Predictions Love

Pisces the stars are friends on the days of the month. You are about to get satisfactions that will satisfy you. Anyone in need can count on the goodness of Pisces. It is both what you give to others. Precisely for this reason in this horoscope of the astrologer suggests to close the doors. Because of your excessive generosity you run the risk of becoming needy in your turn. Devote your efforts to yourself. Whatever you want to achieve a good result will require maximum concentration and energy.


During the month you will experience moments of joy and happiness that will compensate for the difficult moments you have had to overcome. Your romantic relationship is about to enter a period of intense passion. You will experience truly incredible experiences together with your partner. Creativity will be essential so that everything goes well in the coming days. However, the horoscope invites and remains vigilant and prevents anyone from exerting control over you.

For those who are alone, opportunities to experience a love story or start a new relationship are likely. but you must overcome your fears, you must put aside the fear of being rejected or the doubt of repeating the same mistakes you have made in past relationships and which prevent you from continuing your sentimental growth.


With Mercury Mars and Venus in opposition, a critical situation persists in the professions from which you can go back to the surface only by acting with patience and prudence. Whatever idea you have, even the most extravagant, it will be better to examine it with care. because it could be the right way out of the current conditions. If you are a professional or you have a self-employed act with caution. Despite your efforts, you may get the opposite effect than expected. If you work in the employ of third parties, in the middle of the month with the Full in the shadow of your constellation, you will receive a deserved recognition from your superiors.

Pisces lucky days
Thursday 8
Wednesday 14
Thursday 22

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