Virgo is one of the most serious and reliable of the Zodiac. Its element the Earth drives him to seek concrete results in all his activities. The ruling planet Mercury gives it a particular intelligence. Virgo likes to carry out her tasks in the most precise and reliable way possible. It is very attentive to details. This characteristic leads someone to believe that his character is meticulous and too critical. In reality, the Virgin is firmly convinced that respect for rules and practice is indispensable for the well-being of all, not just one’s own. The criticisms that, at times, move towards friends, relatives and, above all, towards the partner are due to the very strong sense of responsibility, to which the Virgin cannot give up. Every action every movement of the Virgin must be well weighed by it. He rarely acts instinctively. Her analytical skills lead her to choose professions where firmness and intellectual honesty are indispensable. The medical activity suits her particularly: the best doctors belong to this sign! In the correspondences between signs and the human body, the lower part of the abdomen, together with its digestive functions, belongs to the Virgo. It can therefore suffer from calculations, from colitis and from constipation. It needs to be hydrated more than the other signs and to be fed with a certain care, possibly with its own specific diet. In the affections the analytical nature of Virgo often does not give results at the level of the other fields of its existence. The Virgo can in fact be little romantic, since it lives the amorous relationship in a cerebral way rather than passionate. He has no tendency to betray, unless he can derive particular favors from the person with whom the betrayal takes place. He does not suffer from particular jealousy. If nevertheless betrayed, Virgo takes on a vindictive attitude that will make the loyal partner regret it!
Wearing color: reassuring gray.
Lucky Stone: Sapphire.
Metal: Mercury.
Flower: Lily.
Favorable day: Wednesday.

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