Pisces is characterized in a privileged way by closing the circle of the Zodiac. It is popularly considered unstable and fickle; actually his job is to question everything that was done before him. To do this he often isolates himself in his own world, made up of emotion and feelings that belong only to him. When he faces the real world, he does it with canons that are reserved for his way of being. He has a critical and artistic way of putting himself. It is therefore a creative. He also has an unmatched intuition that makes him think of himself as a person with a potential sixth sense. Like all particularly good people, Pisces is easily influenced by one’s neighbor, often negatively. Not infrequently, it suffers because it is not understood by the surrounding environment. When, however, he manages to fit into a work or social context that understands his great potential for innovation and improvement, he can be appreciated more than anyone else and even become a leader. As far as the relationship with Health is concerned, the sign of Pisces is linked both to the immune system and to the feet. A person of Pisces could, consequently, suffer from viral diseases, which must be immediately diagnosed and stopped before they weaken the body. Furthermore, it has problems with the lower limbs: blisters and ingrown toenails can occur, especially in the summer season. It should also be noted that the extraordinary sensitivity of the sign of Pisces can cause ailments of a nervous nature. As imaginable for a person who lives a lot of his time in his own world, Pisces is extraordinarily romantic. The problem is to understand when his love is really aimed at a person and when he is instead turned to the idealization of that person. Pisces places a boundless trust in the couple and goes obviously into crisis if something makes them realize that the perfect harmony between two people is very difficult to achieve. Sometimes, due to these alleged disappointments, he tends to betray his partner. The sense of guilt, however, makes him go back. To prevent a Pisces partner from betraying, one must maintain his illusion that love can be eternal, ideal and devoid of worldly bumps.
Color to wear: Green that brings tranquility.
Keystone: Amethyst that protects from excesses.
Metal: Tin.
Flower: Wisteria.
Favorable day: Thursday.

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