Capricorn is an extraordinarily strong sign that has its goals in mind. The strong conviction in its purpose and in its own means can make Capricorn appear as a shy and introverted sign. It actually has a high self-esteem and needs a certain amount of time to make sure that the people you deal with are up to their confidences. The purpose is everything for Capricorn. To achieve it he is prepared for any kind of deprivation and in some cases is willing to compromise. For this reason he is sometimes accused of exploiting people, or of being too attached to the company he works for. In reality, Capricorn cannot escape the satisfaction of its own long-term intentions and self-denial is a genuinely indispensable characteristic.The long-term view of Capricorn leads him to give his best as the years go by. His character and appearance tend to be perfect with maturity. As for anatomy, the sign of Capricorn is connected to the bones and teeth, as well as to the skin and hair. It can therefore suffer from ailments related to joints, rheumatism and skin problems. It must therefore follow a diet rich in liquids. Love is one of the few aspects in which Capricorn tends to relax and forget its tendency to sacrifice. In a truly romantic evening you can give vent to your passion and have fun as in very few other situations. He has a strong predisposition for the family but is subject to betray. This happens when he meets a person who is difficult to conquer, or who can give him a higher prestige than the current one. In order to keep a Capricorn tied, therefore, one must never completely indulge, but always leave a small space that must be conquered. In this way. his attention does not fall and he will not turn to others!
Color to wear: Black, represents darkness and night.
Lucky Stone: Onyx.
Metal: Lead.
Flower: Honeysuckle.
Favorable day: Saturday

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