Aquarius is the most unconventional of the signs of the Zodiac. In its singularity it is foreign to tradition and is proud. The influence of Uranus is expressed in the capacity to innovate and build. And also by a huge need for freedom. To deprive an Aquarian of the possibility of expressing himself or moving would be like killing him. The Aquarium is deeply convinced of everything it does. However, as happens with all the signs of air, this does not prevent him from suddenly changing his mind about even important topics. He can sincerely and honestly say he is in love with a person. to then discover himself infatuated with someone else, without finding any contradiction in the two feelings. From the ideas of Aquarius, however, even epochal innovations can be born. he frankly believes in his own and in others’ ability to change things, even the legal systems. It counts on friendship that considers perhaps a fundamental value even more than love. is capable of making decisions in total independence and rarely suffers from loneliness. The sign of Aquarius refers to legs, ankles and blood circulation. For this reason, it can lead to sprains of the ankles in varicose problems. Even the feelings are prey to the eccentricity of Aquarius. He can easily fall in love but he is easily disaffected. This can lead to serious disturbances for the person who chooses him as a partner. His desire for novelty leads him all too often to seek change even in the emotional field. Aquarius is not jealous but at the same time does not tolerate being the object of jealousy of others. If he cheats he does not feel guilty for too long a period. If he is betrayed he becomes plaintive and may need a period of complete solitude to recharge. Fortunately he has no problem with being honest with his feelings, and he doesn’t hide his intentions as they may be embarrassing!
Color to wear: the blue color of spirituality.
Lucky stone: the sapphire.
Metal: zinc or silver.
Flower: the lily of the valley.
Favorable day: Saturday, the day of Saturn, the other planet governor of the sign.

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